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Wound Care Vans For Intravenous Drug Users

People who use drugs often have intravenous drug use wounds. Those come about from using syringes to inject drugs like heroin into their veins. It is common to get infections or wounds that just won’t heal. This is due to dirty needles or the sharing of needles or just not properly taking care of them.

There now exists wound care prevention nurses. They ride around in a mobile-wound-care-van to help manage wounds on people. These wounds are soft tissues infections that can be caused by people injecting themselves with drugs

This type of assistance is necessary because often people won’t go to doctors for their problems. Usually, this is because they are ashamed of their self-caused injuries.

The opioid epidemic in the United States hasn’t gotten any better. This means wounds from drug injections are getting more common. So are the infections that can affect these wounds.

Infections like these from intravenous drug use are often hidden. People are ashamed of their addiction and don’t want people to see. They end up hiding their arms under long sleeves. If they don’t get proper treatment and smother them under clothing bacteria has room to grow. This leads to infections that can get dangerous quickly.

The infections can lead to amputation or death if not treated. A way to help combat these issues is using clean needles and properly sanitizing before and after. Most drug users won’t go to the trouble to do that. They also won’t risk getting into trouble by going to a doctor. This can be a fatal choice on their part.

These infections can lead to long hospital stays and large hospital bills. They may suffer and have heart complications as well. Wound care vans are very important and will help keep costs down overall.

People shouldn’t be so ashamed that they can’t seek help, but that is how they are at times. Drug use can be hard to hide, and they don’t want any trouble.

Safe injection sites are being talked about. Those would be sites that provide clean needles and a safe place to inject drugs. It is meant to help stop overdoses and infections and actually save lives, though they are very controversial.

Wound care vans are essential to help people. They sanitize and provide bandages and ointments that can keep infections from becoming life-threatening.

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