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The New Wonder Anti-Depressant Esketamine

There is a new drug available called esketamine, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved it for use. Esketamine is a nasal spray that is meant to be an antidepressant to help those where no other treatment seems to work.

Depression can interfere with day to day life. It can keep people from reaching their full potential or even being able to be happy. This is a new treatment that can be a radical game changer for many people who suffer from depression.

The nasal spray is effective within hours. Antidepressants usually have to build up in the user’s system before they start affecting. This can take weeks to months. Many people suffer while they wait to see if the antidepressant will even help them the way they need it to.

There are around 5 million people in the United States alone that have depression without good treatments for it. Not every drug works for every person, and it can be hard to find a treatment that sticks that isn’t just something very addictive.

Side effects are very common for those who are on anti-depressants. They often have to stomach them because the benefits of not dying outweigh certain risks or discomforts.

The drug is very new, so it isn’t much known about the long-term effects of using it. For now, it is meant for emergencies, but who knows what may change over time and seeing people use it.

The box will have a black box label. That is the most dangerous warning the FDA can give about a drug, usually because they don’t have enough research behind it to know the effects.

The warning will state that the drug is sedative in nature. It should not be taken if someone is going to drive or needs not to be impaired. It can also be abused or cause suicidal drugs, like most anti-depressants.

People who use this drug will need to be monitored for up to two hours afterward. This is in case of those side effects happening. It’s important to stay safe if required.

The drug is controversial because it is made with ketamine. Ketamine is an anesthetic that used to be popular to abuse in the party scene. It had really strong side effects such as hallucinations, tunnel vision, and could make users disassociate so they could feel separate from everything.

That is why esketamine can only be used under the direct supervision of a doctor. To keep it from being abused and as demanded by the FDA.

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