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The alarming rate of headlines surrounding the opioid-related crisis in the news over the past couple of years raised concerns for the health care industry. In response, a group of veterans launched Eleanor Health in 2019 – in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (a company committed to value-based payment). Eleanor Health is an addiction and mental health services startup that provides a value-based delivery and payment model for outpatients undergoing substance abuse treatment.

With the COVID-19 crisis and the quarantine situation, the amount of people who heed inpatient rehabs near me services has decreased, and the health industry has taken a hit in the form of limited access to treatment for addicts, so the demand for accessibility to alcohol and drug treatment has increased drastically. In response, Eleanor Health expanded its addiction treatment to a virtual-based system by successfully establishing a virtual clinic in Asheville, North Carolina, after a partnership with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

While addressing the rumors surrounding their operations, the CEO Corbin Petrol, a former chief operating officer of the Massachusetts Department of Medicaid and also a former CEO and president of Benevera Health, said that there had been a lot of misunderstandings concerning Eleanor. He stated that the health organization has focused on drug and alcohol treatment using evidence and outcomes while treating addiction as a chronic situation.

So, What’s New With Eleanor?

Eleanor developed an intention to deliver evidential treatment for substance abusers in a warm and welcoming manner, according to its design. Petro tagged the treatment design as a “harm-reduction” approach. She explained further that this approach focuses on improvements as a yardstick for measuring drug addiction treatment success – a patient doesn’t get disqualified or stopped from substance abuse treatment programs even if they only reduce the intake of the substance rather than abstain from or stop it.

With support coming from industry leaders in insuring value-based care such as BCBS of North Carolina, Eleanor has the right backings to ensure sustainability in delivering drug and alcohol rehabilitation over a long period.

The CEO, Petro, also stated the potential challenges of securing an insurer. He profused that insurers are skeptical about the possibility of having active members stay for long term drug treatment programs at substance abuse centers in cases of chronic conditions. However, she backed the decision to partner with BCBS of North Carolina as they are a dominant influence as health insurers in the state. Their commitment toward value-based treatment always shines through.

The chief of behavioral health at BCBS of North Carolina, Kate Hobbs Knutson, said that they see potential in substance abuse rehabilitation and decided to partner with Eleanor because of its philosophy and commitment to value-based care. Knutson stated further that Eleanor provides substance abuse services and treatment that meets up immediacy related to demands for rehab drug treatments.

Eleanor And Virtual Systems

With the adverse effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world, and the resulting quarantine, self-isolation, and reduced access to mental health rehab treatments, it is paramount for Eleanor to quickly expand its provision of virtual rehab services. Progress has been made in this regard with the opening of fully virtual services to anyone in North Carolina in need of alcohol and drug rehab. This is only a part of 10 Eleanor health plans in NC this year.

Syringe and lab tubes.

Petro stated further that the goal is to ensure that the virtual clinic would be able to offer drug addiction programs, drug and alcohol rehab, and all other substance abuse programs. She said that Eleanor Health had put all proper plans in place to ensure that deliveries are possible in the clinics, patients’ homes, and virtually. Additionally, there are enhanced medical procedures in place for patients who desire to visit the clinics in person for COVID-19 screening – all while maintaining the social distance rule of keeping a distance of 6 feet.

Finally, there are virtual checking-in options for the community members, which include phone calls, emails, and other virtual means. According to Petro, Eleanor Health is on a mission to deliver unwavering mental health care to the whole nation – virtually, but it will be a gradual process of development.

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