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Man Charged With Smuggling Heroin Inside Puppies

Colombia is known for being one of the most significant traffickers of cocaine into the United States. That is because cocaine is made from the leaf of the coca plant that grows in South America. It’s not surprising to hear a story of drugs being smuggled from Colombia, but this time it wasn’t cocaine, it was heroin.

Using drug mules to get drugs across the border is not uncommon. Often people are surgically implanted with bags of drugs in their system. They have to be careful as they travel, so the bags do not burst. If they do, they can overdose very quickly and even die because of it.

It is not possible to survive with that much of an illegal drug in your system. Usually, it is people who are drug mules though, not animals.

In a startling turn of events, a Colombian veterinary student managed to smuggle liquid heroin into the United States using puppies he bred just for that purpose. He used surgery to implant bags of liquid heroin into nine separate puppies. He raised them just to try and import them to the United States while they contained the heroin in their bodies.

Police raided the former vet student in Medellin where he lived on a farm. Police uncovered 17 bags of liquid heroin. There were ten that had to be removed from puppies themselves. You have to be some disgusting kind of person to abuse puppies like that.

Three of those puppies ended up dying due to a virus they got during the surgery.

The former vet student was found in Spain and brought back to the U.S. where he faced his charges. Once he is released from jail, he will be deported back to his native Colombia to deal with his punishment there.

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