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LA Cop Staged Marijuana Bust And Made Off With The Money

On October 29th, 2018 an off duty LA police officer did a fake raid on a drug warehouse. He and his friends pretended that this was a legitimate raid and ended up stealing a lot of marijuana and money. They even managed to fool cops that showed up at the scene.

It was a plan that seems a little half thought out now. The fact that they managed to get away with it at first is quite astounding. Their stories didn’t back up.

They stole more than half a ton of marijuana and made off with $645,000 dollars in cash. It was a plan that was cocky and full of risk. Deputy Marc Antrim was guilty of five felonies. They included conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and deprivation of rights under color law.

All of the men posed as LASD officers with firearms. They pretended they had a warrant and legitimate reasons to be there. They staged it to make it look like a proper investigation while they were really there to commit a crime. It can be easy to look legitimate if you have the right props and the right attitude.

They kept the three security guards under watch as they raided the warehouse and stole the marijuana and money. The security guards were locked in a ford explorer. When real LAPD officers arrived, they played their part pretending to be LASD.

One of the men even posed as a sergeant on the phone with an LAPD officer. The officers fell for the ruse and left, letting the deputy and his friends make off with their stolen goods.

They all ended up being caught and punished for their contributions to the heist. Eventually, the lies got the better of them, and they were caught.

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