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Fentanyl Is Changing The War On Drugs

Fentanyl is a dangerous drug that has been taking the United States by storm. It is a synthetic opioid drug, which means it is made in a lab. It is considered to be more than 100 times stronger than morphine and even more addictive than heroin.

It is a painkiller that is often prescribed in hospitals even now. It has been circulating the streets for a while now and is very dangerous. It is often mixed with heroin and other drugs to make them stronger.

The problem is if people don’t know they are taking it then they can easily suffer from an overdose. It is so strong that one time using it can cause death. If it is mixed with a drug that the person has a tolerance too, they might take too much of it, thus overdosing on the fentanyl they did not know it contained.

There were two huge fentanyl busts in New York and New Jersey recently that bring fentanyl to the front of the conversation. It’s easy to make and can pull in a lot of money, so dealers love it regardless of the dangers it poses to their customers.

Heroin use is going down while fentanyl is going up. Mainly because it’s easier to make, cheaper, and way stronger. If it is what dealers are selling or offering, then people will take it. That’s because addicts need a fix regardless of the harm it can do.

The DEA did a drug bust in New York that found five kilos of fentanyl and 5 kilos of heroin. The bust in New Jersey found more than 20 kilos of fentanyl at a truck stop.

Those amounts of fentanyl could actually kill about 10 million people across the city. That is how dangerous these drugs are. It is scary to see how much is being trafficked and bought.

A drug cartel in Mexico is the one who supplies fentanyl to the New York area. They smuggle it through the border and then to New York using tractor trailers or other transportation.

It affects a city the cartel doesn’t live in, so why should they care if it affects and kills so many innocent people. The answer is that they probably wouldn’t even care if it was their own city. That’s how drug trafficking works in the end.

Profits over people. That’s why fentanyl really is the monster in the war on drugs. It can kill easier and faster, and it’s what is being spread around these days.

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