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America May Start Using CBD for Opioid Addiction Treatment

Medical marijuana has been a hot button topic for quite a while now, along with legalizing the recreational use of it as well. CBD oil is a bit different though, as it doesn’t contain high levels of THC. THC is the part of marijuana that can make you feel the effects of the high.

CBD has been proven to work effectively against certain kinds of epilepsy and is now being explored as an option for treatments of other conditions. Using CBD for lung cancer is more common now as well, just to name an example.

CBD still does come from the cannabis plant, but it does not give you a high.

A study was done recently on those who suffer from heroin abuse. Heroin is a synthetic opioid derived from poppy seeds.

They were given CBD to see if it could reduce their cravings for drugs and other symptoms. What the study found was that the CBD did decrease symptoms and overall anxiety for the drug users.

This means that more studies will be done to see how effective a treatment it could be over time. This may be a miracle from those who have an opioid addiction. This is because a huge problem with trying to quit opioid addiction is that the symptoms of withdrawal and cravings can be very terrible and hard to bear.

The symptoms range from feeling sick to nausea, tremors, vomiting, pain, and cravings for the drug that are almost impossible to resist. That’s why so many drug users end up relapsing.

Of course, studies will be moving slowly upon this subject since it is still a source of a lot of debate on whether to legalize and use marijuana or marijuana-related substances. This is especially true when it comes to treating opioid addiction, even though drugs are often used to treat it and symptoms associated with it.

Full extract cannabis oil is complete with a ton of different cannabinoids that are good for your health and can treat a lot of various problems. There’s a reason CBD oil is becoming so popular now: because it really can help.

Hopefully, America does start to get on board soon and give people a chance. There’s a whole world of treatment out there that is getting lackluster research completed. Judgment needs to fade away and step forward with the knowledge to get the ball rolling.


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